Roleplay Manager - Discord Bot

Invite the bot here | Version: Beta V: 1.0.0
RP manage is a bot which assists roleplay communities with versatile features which don't require a certain setup or a certain game.

Here is some short videos of some of the features.

Log-channel, change the channel where things are logged. Channel Mention.
Embed, change whether the RP message is sent in an embed or not, Boolean.
rp-message, customise the RP message, the variables can be seen below, Text.
rp-manager, customise the RP manager role. This role can complete the rp commands, Role Mention.
active-roles, change all the active roles which come up, Role Mention(s).
Variables are displayed with: %variable_name%

managers, dispalys the current manager.
gamertag, dispalys the current gamertag.
aop, dispalys the current AOP.
rp_start, dispalys the time the roleplay began.
active, displays a list of the active role names and the amount of members it has. announcement, displays all announcements.
=config [option] [argument]

Each part is customisable, the message, the roles and the bot is being frequently updated and worked on which means features will continue to be added to it.

If you want to keep updated you can come back to this page and see frequent updates whenever possible. If you'd like to help test in the alpha/beta stages message "harry#3275" on discord if you also have any suggestions let me know.