hazzakak.tech is my personal website create with python using the micro-framework Flask. This website is used as a hobby to create more features and build my skillset. You can join my discord if you want to enquire about anything or just have a chat. Some features of the website include; permission system; images; url-shortener; api intregations and; more.

Discord Bots

In the past I have created discord bots for commission using the discord.py discord API wrapper. If you join my discord I am more than happy to commission you a custom discord bot or help you out with creating one. You can check my projects to see what I have done.


In my portfolio, I have a dashboard integrated with a discord bot which is one of my most in-depth projects which housed the ability to edit settings for the bot and fully interact with it.


Using this website as an example, I design and develop websites both front-end and back-end, you can take a look at my projects through the projects tab to see what I've been doing and what I am up to. Like I've said previously, join my discord if you are needing help or a developed website.